Why is it that the food you eat is not the cause of your weight gain?

Despite your best efforts, are you unable to remove those excess pounds? There may be more to the problem than just increased calories in food or willpower.

Why are you not becoming fat from the food you consume?

You might wonder why you’ve put on so much weight when you feel like you eat in moderation. Additionally, you don’t lead a sedentary lifestyle or continue to snack regularly. It may be true that you have no control over your weight increase since you may be battling a disorder in silence. Yes! Thyroid condition! Hypothyroidism, to be more precise, refers to low amounts of thyroid hormones in your body.

T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 are two hormones that our thyroid gland secretes (Thyroxine). TSH (thyroid- stimulating hormone), which is produced from the brain, controls the synthesis of various hormones (chemicals supporting bodily functioning) (Pituitary gland).

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How does hypothyroidism lead to weight gain?

The metabolism, or the process by which our body breaks down the food we eat to produce energy, requires thyroid hormones. The energy needed to carry out the fundamental bodily activities is known as the basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is connected to metabolism. The BMR slows down if the level of thyroid hormones drops. This causes an imbalance between the calories (food) we eat and how our bodies use them to make energy. As a result, weight increase and the storage of extra fat take place. Additionally, an unbalanced metabolism causes a buildup of extra salt and water, which contributes to weight gain once again.

Does taking thyroid hormone supplements cause you to acquire less weight?

Even while it seems straightforward, things don’t actually operate that way. Hypothyroidism causes gradual weight gain; those extra kilogrammes were added to your weight over time. Therefore, corrective medication and treatment will cease the weight increase brought on by thyroid hormone underactivity. It’s possible that you lose additional weight as a result of salt and water retention. Although your thyroid may have contributed to your weight gain, you are the one who must put in the most effort to return to your normal weight and form. Have you gained any weight? Don’t only attribute it to your inactive lifestyle or eating patterns! Check to see whether your thyroid is the issue.

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