Our mission is to spread awareness about preventive health across the Nation. For every class of people at affordable prices. Ensure quality and convenience by providing accessible checkup’s to all. Our Vision is to see disease free India. There should be more importance to our health.
We at Letcheckup brings you the quality health products at affordable prices. We believe that some of our customer can’t visit centres for just blood checkup. So most of our products are available at your doorsteps by just a click away.
We partnered with leading service providers across nations to help you with simple and easy health booking with best support. Also we tried hard to bring you a huge discount on all our packages so that you can able to book with ease.
We support via different modes like Email, Live chat and Call. You can be relax as we revert on every Emails within 24hrs.

We’ll help you get there!

  • Right Health Package.
  • Live chat support for all your need.
  • Health packages with additional offers.
  • Prioritize support.

Our Processing

Thyrocare Technologies Ltd
Diagnostic Healthcare.

Thyrocare became one of the 1st Indian diagnostic laboratories to obtain internationally renowned quality accreditations like ISO 9001-2000 rating as early as 2001. which is now escalated to ISO 9001:2008; NABL -2005 and CAP -2007 certification.

Nueclear Healthcare Ltd
Radiology Scans.

“Nueclear”, likewise, with its planned network of imaging centers has an objective to provide high-quality Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT.) fusion imaging clinical services at low-costs to cancer patients.

Water Testing Solutions.

Whaters.com abbreviated for “What in Water?” is a laboratory dedicated for water testing. Testing service for this essential commodity is the need of the hour to understand “What is in our taps, which can become a health attack?” 

Why Health checkups are Important?

Regular check-ups can assist to identify future health problems before they become an issue. They can detect health circumstances or illnesses early when you see your physician frequently. You are taking significant measures towards living a longer, healthier life by receiving the right health facilities, screenings, and therapy.

How can i get right package?

If you are been consulted with your Physician. And suggested for some tests you can share the prescription with our live chat agent. After analysis we will provide you the right package at the best price.

What does a full body check up include?

Your doctor may recommend additional tests based on your preliminary exam. A common full-body health check-up consists of blood and urine tests, Liver Function tests, Kidney function test, and cardiac testing. 

Are we really waiting for huge disease?

It’s not really. Through regular doctor visits and routine health check-ups. we can prevent our good health to a greater extent. we can detect and diagnose chronic diseases as early as possible.

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Nov 2019

Couple Package

(72 Tests)
@ ₹ 2330/- for 2 person

Vigor 2

(71 Tests)
@ ₹ 1892/- Only

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