Invest in your Employees’ ‘Health’ with Corporate Wellness

We are frequently so preoccupied with juggling everything from the job to home and mingling with friends in our daily lives that we neglect our health. We attempt to make things like running, exercising, and participating in sports a part of our routine, but does it actually work? What if we made an effort to maintain our wellbeing at work, where we spend the bulk of our time? Consider this: if you could devote a little time each day to your wellbeing at work, you wouldn’t have to worry about committing an extra hour to a workout. A significant amount of time might be saved, and your performance efficiency will instantly increase.

Nowadays, many organisations host corporate camps to provide their workers with subsidised preventative health exam packages, allowing them to monitor their health and well-being and, as a result, indirectly enhance productivity levels. Such approaches of raising health awareness are useful to both employers and employees. As a result, the popularity of employee exercise and wellness programmes has skyrocketed.

The first to fifth of July is designated as ‘Corporate Wellness Week,’ therefore take advantage of this chance to reduce your business expenditures by investing in your employees. Here are a few inventive ways to run corporate health and wellness programmes if you need some ideas to encourage employee wellness.

Social networking: Believe it or not, social media now plays an important role in engaging people. You might invite them to a health exam camp or other special deals or packages you may have for them. This may also be used to generate interest in and raise knowledge about the advantages of health screenings, ensuring that as many employees as possible are aware of it and attend the event. You may also hold social media contests inside your business about how important a preventative health check is for everyone who works long hours on a regular basis, and you can give away free preventive health services to the victors.

Technology 👨‍💻: Most businesses now have their own app that allows them to do anything from log in to book meals for the canteen. One may also market health care services with special discounts to their employees via their corporate app, company website, and various channels inside the firm to engage the most employees.

Creativity: Create a one-of-a-kind plan for promoting and effectively implementing any healthcare initiatives in your organisation. While planning, keep a few short-term and long-term objectives in mind for both the employee and the organisation. If your goal is to cater to the healthcare requirements of any current prevalent condition that is trending in the news, odds are that the event will be well attended.

Only health exams will not suffice to keep your employees healthy, but it will have a cumulative impact due to their understanding of health issues, discussion about them, and encouragement to engage in some sort of physical activity or even ‘Yoga’ integration. Conducting motivational health seminars addressing harmful behaviours like as smoking, drinking, and so on and pushing employees to quit might be life-changing for them. Many of the simple concerns and problems associated with poor postures and their consequences on sedentary employees may be handled by increasing ergonomics in the workplace.

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