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PET-CT Scan in Borivali Mumbai :

Nueclear Healthcare Limited is one of the leading network of PET-CT scan centers which provides high quality and affordable PET-CT scans to patients suffering from cancer. We are the first and only brand having national network of more than 14 PET-CT scanners in India, we provide PET- CT imaging services using advance GE Discovery PET- CT scanners.

PET-CT is a mixture of two advances that assists with distinguishing tumors with millimetric exactness and gives a precise portrayal of the sickness physiology. You would now be able to get Full body PET-CT scan in Mumbai at our Nueclear PET-CT focus. To Book PET-CT Scan in Borivali, Nueclear Healthcare Limited, you should simply fill the structure, and rest will be taken consideration by us.

Offices of PET-CT Scan in Borivali Mumbai

Nueclear PET-CT focus in Mumbai utilizes a wide assortment of very progressed and concentrated supplies for performing scanning strategies with all around prepared Nuclear doctors and technologists, that makes the outcome exact for subjective understanding and assessment for the oncologists.

Cost of PET – CT Scan in Borivali Mumbai

Nueclear Healthcare Limited means to give malignant growth patients all through the country, a solid and top notch PET-CT imaging administrations, at a moderate expense, remarkable and unbelievable in the indicative business. By and large, on the off chance that you go for a PET-CT scan, the market cost is high however at Nueclear you can benefit a similar best quality PET-CT scan administration @ Rs.12,000

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Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan is recognized worldwide as one of the emerging nuclear medicine molecular imaging technique. It is being used as an important non-invasive tool for many applications in oncology, neurology, cardiology, infection and inflammation imaging procedures. It provides the clinician with three-dimensional images and information about how organs and tissues inside the body are functioning at the molecular and cellular level.

  • PET scans provide information on metabolic changes at cellular level which cannot be obtained by other imaging tests like CT scan or MRI. Since disease process often begin with functional changes at the cellular level, a PET scan can often detect the disease in early stages and much before they become evident on CT or MRI scan.


A PET-CT scan helps your doctor in the following ways :

  • To detect disease in its early stages, often before the patient becomes symptomatic especially when other diagnostic tests are likely to give negative results.
  • Assessment of the extent and severity of the disease.
  • To tailor the therapy on an individual basis based on the findings of PET-CT scan report.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment regimen.
  • Modify treatment plans in response to altered biological behaviour of the tissue.
  • Assess disease progression.
  • Identify recurrence of disease and help manage ongoing care.

Every individual visiting our PET-CT center in Mumbai (Borivali) is requested to follow the below instructions

  1. Kindly reach the center one hour prior to the reporting time
  2. Do not consume any solid or liquid food for at least 6 hours before your PET-CT Scan. Drinking water is allowed
  3. Limit strenuous physical activity or workout for 24 hours before the scan
  4. It is advisable to take along an adult attendant. Getting children or pregnant women as an attendant to the PET-CT center is strictly prohibited
  5. Carry all the medical documents related to the scan
  6. Avoid wearing any metallic objects, jewelry or valuables
  7. Avoid the use of any anti-diabetic drug before the scheduled appointment
  8. Give prior update to the staff at Mumbai center if the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding

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