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ketones in blood test

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Tests includes: Complete hemogram, Diabetes, Lipid, Liver, Renal, Thyroid, Vitamins


A ketone blood test helps to measure the levels of ketones in the blood. Ketones are chemicals produced by the liver when the body does not have enough glucose, a type of sugar, for energy. Ketones can be detected in any type of blood sample, but for more accurate results, a blood sample taken from the fingertip is recommended. High levels of ketones in the blood can indicate that the body is not producing enough insulin, a hormone that controls the level of glucose in the body. Knowing the levels of ketones can help to identify and manage diabetes, as well as other conditions such as ketoacidosis, during which the body produces too many ketones, as well as other metabolic disorders.

Thyrocare provides a complete and comprehensive package to help you diagnose, track and monitor your thyroid health. Thyrocare Health Checkup Package is a complete package for your thyroid health. It includes a home sample collection and lab testing at an affordable rate. Thyrocare Lab will perform under required to diagnose your same. Thyrocare offers a range of tests to help detect thyroid disorders. Thyrocare Home Collection service is available all major cities and rural areas across India. It is an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to monitor your health and can be used to diagnose thyroid disorders.

Thyrocare Lab Test is a blood test that can be done in the lab. Softcopy reports are recieved within 12-24 hrs and Hardcopy report will be sent to your doorstep in 3-5 business working days.


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