10 Reasons to Quit Smoking, from Winners

Quit Smoking

There are several different warnings on cigarette packets. But I frequently ponder if provocative writing and horrifying images of cancer patients can truly deter smokers from lighting up. If you smoke, it’s likely that many people have urged you to Quit smoking. You may have considered giving up this habit as well. Although the journey to stopping smoking is difficult, it is worthwhile. Because not all problems can be solved by smoking. They themselves pose a serious issue.

Quit Smoking

What is contained in a cigarette?

Over 7000 chemicals are on their way to destroying your life with just one puff of a cigarette. Of these, 69 are carcinogenic and 250 are harmful. Let’s look at a few of the dangerous compounds.

A typical household cleanser is ammonia.
Utilized in nail polish remover is acetone.
Use of acetic acid in hair dyes
Rat poison uses arsenic
Use of benzene in gasoline
Used in lighter fluid is butane.
Used in batteries is lead.
One component of automotive exhaust gases is carbon monoxide.
Use of naphthalene in mothballs
Insecticides include nicotine.
Use of methanol as rocket fuel
nuclear bombs employ the radioactive material polonium 210.
using tar to pave roads.

The deadly substance nicotine is found in tobacco plants. Immediately after entering the body, nicotine travels via the circulation to the brain, where it prompts the production of dopamine and adrenaline. The “kick” you get after smoking is caused by these hormones, which also provide emotions of pleasure and fulfillment. Additionally, nicotine encourages the release of beta-endorphin, a hormone that lessens pain. You experience a mood decline and a want for more as soon as these joyful effects subside. Nicotine is habit-forming. You frequently return to smoking because of this.

“Smoking kills”
“Tobacco causes painful death”
“Smoking causes throat cancer”
“Cigarette smoking is injurious to health”

Respiratory system

Breathing problems must be nothing new to you as a smoker. Your respiratory system is where cigarettes’ harmful chemicals first come into touch with you, causing harm to your nose, upper airways, and lung’s alveolar surface. This over time increases your chance of developing lung conditions such lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema (shortness of breath) (irritation of the bronchial tubes causing chronic cough). A worse wake-up call than an alarm clock on your dresser is waking up gasping for air. If you don’t Quit Smoking right away, you might suffer irreparable harm.

Heart and cardiovascular system

The heart and blood arteries might suffer lasting harm from cigarette toxins. Your blood vessels’ cells enlarge as a result of toxic substances, which also hastens the creation of plaque. Fatty deposits, cholesterol, cellular debris, calcium, etc. make up this plaque. Your blood vessels get thick and inflexible as a result of the buildup and become constricted. Due to the reduction in blood flow and oxygen delivery throughout the body, several cardiac issues result. Blood clotting, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and heart failure are all common cardiac disorders.

Heart and cardiovascular system

Impact on the brain

You feel joyful and stress-free after taking the first puff, and your mood and focus also improve. However, over time, toxins destroy your brain cells and prevent new ones from growing. Your cerebral cortex, which is crucial for memory, thinking, learning, reasoning, emotions, and the proper operation of your senses, is destroyed by the impact. The more you smoke, the more stupid you become—there is no other way to describe it. Additionally, you run a triple the chance of developing a brain aneurysm, facial paralysis, and a stroke.

Pancreatic damage and diabetes

Most people equate smoking with heart and lung issues, but it can also harm your pancreas and other parts of your digestive system. In order to maintain blood glucose levels, the hormones insulin and glucagon must be produced and released, which are both disturbed by cigarette chemicals. The chemicals in cigarettes change how your body utilizes glucose and how cells react to insulin. Furthermore, smoking increases your chance of developing diabetes and all of its consequences, including obesity, liver, kidney, and heart disease.

Reproductive health

It is clear that your genitals do not receive adequate blood supply to maintain health since smoking inhibits blood flow throughout the body. Smoking reduces the sex hormone’s production as well as sexual desire. This impairs sexual performance in males and produces erectile dysfunction. It results in sexual unhappiness and the inability for women to have orgasm.

Eye problems

You most likely have eye issues if you can’t yet perceive how deadly cigarettes are. The retina’s new blood flow is decreased by cigarette chemicals. You will get macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy if you continue to smoke. You have a good possibility of going totally blind if you continue to smoke, its better to quit smoking.

Danger of Smoking

Gum diseases

In addition to having foul breath, smoking doubles your chance of developing gum disorders. Gums that are swollen and sore, bleeding while brushing, loose, sensitive teeth, and toothaches are all possible symptoms. The teeth become yellow and develop brown deposits. The more you smoke, the more likely you are to have dental issues, discolored teeth, darkened lips, and a tongue covered in black hair. You will undoubtedly require more than just a mouthwash.

Spinal cord issues

Everyone should be mindful of aging family members who have spondylosis. The spinal discs are commonly affected by age-related wear and strain. Smoking quickens the aging process. Your cerebrospinal fluid loss is accelerated by the spinal discs that sit in between your vertebrae. Your spinal cord needs this fluid to be supported and protected. Any back injury will result in chronic back discomfort, slipped discs, and maybe osteoarthritis (a degenerative disease of the joints). Do you have the strength to Quit Smoking?

Integumentary system (skin, hair and nails)

When going out, we all want to look our best. Our appearance and hairdo may make or ruin the rest of the day. But can you image constantly having bad breath, hair loss, and skin problems? These issues are inescapable if

you smoke. According to research, smoking increases your chance of developing skin cancer. Premature aging, wrinkles, and dark patches are more common as the skin ages more quickly. Hair issues include hair loss, balding, thinning, and graying are frequent occurrences. Your fingernails are also not safe. They become yellow, smell bad, and are susceptible to fungus infestations.

Cigarettes & cancers

It is commonly known that smoking causes lung cancer, but there are other risks as well. Numerous additional malignancies are also brought on by smoking. Cancers of the skin, blood, mouth, throat, larynx, kidney, cervix, liver, colon, pancreas, bladder, testicles, ovaries, and pretty much everything else are included in this category.

If you still want some further inspiration, think about including the following, but less significant, reasons in your list.

Consider the cash you will save.

Be truthful with yourself when you respond to the following questions.

What is the price of a cigarette? What number of cigarettes do you smoke each day? What does it cost you each month? Since your first cigarette, how much have you spent on cigarettes? How much have you spent on medical treatment because of ailments brought on by smoking?

The whole sum of money you have so far lost in a smoke might be in your bank account at this very moment. Your money truly is your health. Quit Smoking now.

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